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Basic Operation:
Simply select one of the buttons across the top of the page (or down the left of the page) to activate the required function.

Sign On:
To Sign On, you need to have been granted access by AMROC.

If you have been given an Account Number, User ID and Password, select the "Sign on" button and enter the details.

If you have not been given a User ID, but your Company has been registered by AMROC, contact your Account Administrator and ask them to provide you with a User ID and Password (a maximum of 10 User IDs can be enabled per store).

If your Company has not been given access, click the "Apply for Access" button, fill in the details, and submit the form. This will be processed by AMROC and you will be contacted with a Account Administrator User ID and Password.

If you've forgotten your password:
If you've forgotten your password and you are not the administrator for your account, contact your Account Administrator and you can be issued with a new Password.

If you are an Account Administrator, click the "Forgot Password" button and enter the requested details. Your password reminder question will be e-mailed to the e-mail address attached to your account details.

Contacting AMROC for help:
If you still require assistance using this web site, contact Web Support at AMROC by e-mail at

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